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Aspim Europa in Africa - Bunyala Agro Industrial Park Project

Bunyala Kingdom is the area on which it has focused our attention on the commitment of our Association that aims to create on its territory new formulas of social and cultural developments through the study and then the realization of agro industrial projects  which will combine plants for the production of bio-energy, the use of new technologies to concern green building, following the re-use of organic waste, industrial and special waste by recycling cycles that must not be invasive and polluting. All projects is promoted by ASPIM EUROPA Commission for Africa which the President is Mr. Loris Chiovitto 

and it submit mainly environmentally sustainable features. Our project support and favors plans which would also include the introduction of initiatives that return to the territory his environmental stability improving the natural resources for the recovery and the progress of biodiversity, in order to re-establish on the environment the balance between humankind and nature, between technology and ambience. Bunyala Agro Industrial Park project in the next future also foresee the production of different agricultural varieties, with the aim to raise the threshold of biodiversity, for this reason, it is considered to include in the projects to put in place a building complex as laboratory for the observation, the research and the study of indigenous botanical species and their conservation, to protect it from the risk of the total extinction. This project  is the experimental planning of a wider development which the purpose is to improve the quality of life of the residents, including through stimulation of learning new skills and the scientific technical systems that lead the financial individuality; we also plan to create a first archetypal model of sustainable African city. The first project concern agricultural tomato chain and the land that has been entrusted to us consist of  30 square miles, equivalent to 7,770 hectares, on which we will plan a new urbanization and infrastructures dedicated to the development of new industries and businesses,  that generate important incomes.

Bunyala Kingdom is entirely surrounded by major watersheds that determine benefits climate effects causing an alternation of three seasons. The area is bordered by Kyoga Lake and on the territory will flow the White Nile river and  Sezibwa river.

Our project foresee also the installation of plants of garbage disposal that are the residues of the industrial activities and community waste for the production of biogas and cogeneration, providing for the energy needed to operate all implants in independently. 

Responsabile: Mr. Loris Chiovitto

Commissione: Relazioni con l'Africa

Tecnico progettista: Dr.ssa Chiara Luisa Cavazzin

Commissione: Biotecnologie

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